Monday, 17 Jun, 2019
ΤΟΥ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΟΣ. Ισαύρου, Βασιλείου, Ιννοκεντίου, Ερμείου, Φήλικος, Πελεγρίνου, Μανουήλ, Σαβέλ και Ισμαήλ μαρτύρων, Ιωσήφ και Πίωρ οσίων, Υπατίου οσίου του εν Ρουφιαναίς.
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Ecumenism and Orthodox Church. Meeting of Bartholomew and Benedict, far from the path of the Holy Fathers.
The Church of Russia versus Ecumenism- Ecumenism: Origin, Expectations, Disapprovals Proceedings of the Inter- Orthodox Scientific Congress.
Orthodox Church in Rumania versus Ecumenism. The excerpt below has been taken from the Minutes of the Inter-Orthodox Convention...


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